Mix and Match Interior Door Designs

The modern design of interior doors can be different. It is known that the door in the interior is one of the most important components. Of course, everyone wants to experiment. However, there are generally accepted rules that provide for the design of interior doors, and they should be followed. 



Let’s take a look at the common door designs and figure out if they can be mixed in a single setting.

Door Designs

Interior doors can have a different core or structure. Behind the laminated or veneered finishing, there can be various structural components. Due to the different types of construction, door leaves differ in strength, sound insulation, weight, and material of manufacture. There are eight main types of interior door designs.


Panel doors are made not of one single piece of wood or other material. Wooden or glass panels are inserted into a door slub frame instead; they are glued to each other to create a finished door.


As a rule, flush doors have simple designs with plain facings on both sides of the door. They are made of a solid, hollow, or stave core. 


Pressed wood by-products to create the molded door style. Such door constructions are available in two options: hollow core and solid core.


A flat door is a solid construction with no decorative designs on it. A door panel is not raised or recessed; it has no arches and can be made from a wide range of materials. The preference is given to natural materials.


French-style doors have a look of all-height glass construction. They are comprised of multiple sections of glass separated by thin strips of wooden muntins. 

Shaker Style

Shaker doors are always symmetrical. They come with a simple square indent, with no other decorative elements or ornamentation on a door leaf. It looks like the centre is completely flat, with no flat frame around them. As a rule, such door constructions are used for cabinets and kitchen premises.


Just as its name suggests, louvered doors have a louvered construction, whether of glass or some other material. Some part of the door construction is filled with louvers to allow air to pass while the door is closed.

Stile and Rail

Stile and rail doors consist of horizontal rails and vertical stiles, with panels placed in between. Such a construction of stile and rail doors creates the illusion of a single carved piece of wood, which is, in fact, not so.

Can You Mix Door Designs?

Designers do not recommend mixing door designs in a single flat apartment. However, it may be possible to do so in a multi-level house. Thus, you can have panel doors for all doorways on the first floor and use a different door style on a different level. 

Bottom Line

When deciding on a door design, you should take into account the interior of the setting it will be installed into. Only in such a way, you can pick a door element that will not create an imbalance.

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