Interior Design Trends 2021

Want to create not only a comfortable and cozy setting but also a stylish environment? We have made a selection of the most interesting 2021 interior design trends. 


Multi-Functional Home Offices as the Trend for Work-From-Home Grows

In the conditions of global pandemics, many people are forced to work from home, which makes it important to create a full-fledged WFH setting. Multi-functional home offices are a perfect mix of an office setting and a cozy domestic atmosphere.


Hidden Hardware

Minimalism and the absence of excessive details continue to be a trend. That’s why people try to use hidden hardware and tools that do not “eat” space.

Trimless Flush to the Wall Doors

Simple designs and plain constructions are what will be trendy. Thanks to the innovative flush-to-wall constructions, you can hide visible doorposts, frames, and jambs.

Shabby Chic

The shabby chic trend has always had a bit of an overhaul, but it will be at its peak in 2021. So forget about heavy carvings and badly painted furniture.

Mix Modern and Vintage

Design experts at Victoria Plumb believe that a modern vintage mix is increasing in popularity. Instead of creating 100% contemporary monochrome interiors, people mix them with vintage elements.

Cottagecore Trend

The cottagecore trend is picking up speed. This wholesome and pastoral aesthetic can be well completed with plain rustic elements. 

Cane and Rattan Furnishings

The main idea of the trend is the easy customization of furnishings. You can easily adjust the setting anytime you need it.


Floral prints, lace tablecloths, embroidered curtains — these will not only make any room look cozy but will also give spaces a modern twist in 2021.

Natural and Organic Textures


Plenty of Dried, Real or Faux Flowers

Natural textures, floral prints, and flowers will be increasingly used to add interest to rooms. So instead of using bright elements, it is better to go with natural textures.

Black Bouclé

This fabric is now back and can be used as a furniture upholstery material, seat covers, etc.


Navy used in interior decoration continues to evoke images of the oceanside. There’s nothing like a rich navy blue to style up a home.

Earthly Tones

One of the biggest color trends of 2021 is earthy, muted ochre, and terracotta tones found in the desert landscape. You can use them to decorate walls, furniture, interior doors, or even some small elements.

Textured Walls

Textured walls have become a growing trend because they can take on a myriad of aesthetics from fine linen to bold geometric forms. 

Minimalist Art

Plain designs with the lack of elements and every detail being well-thought-out are what keeps to be a trend in 2021.

Greige (Grey + Beige)

If you do not know what color to choose for wall or door painting, then greige would be a trendy option to go with in 2021.

Zen Vibes

In erratic and stressful times, zen principles are being massively applied in interior design.

Maximize the Natural Light

Design experts from Real Homes recommend maximizing the natural light and creating an open space.

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