How to Choose Right Interior Doors for Your Home Interior


When buying an interior door, people pay attention to their cost and design. However, you need to remember that the role of interior doors is not only about decorating the home interior and creating comfort. This element plays an important role in space zoning, sound, and heat insulation. So what to consider when choosing an interior door?

Right Measuring

To save time when buying a door, you need to know the exact dimensions of the future door. 

To take measurements, you need to measure the height and width of the doorway, as well as the wall thickness. Note that the height of the opening must be measured from the level of the finished floor, with a floor covering being on it.


You should pick an interior door depending on the premises it will be used in. For example, you need a door for a bathroom, so it is better to give preference to door leaves with no glass sections, and glass doors will hardly be the best option here. When it comes to a spacious living room, you are free to choose any door design.

Doors and Flooring

As it has already been mentioned, it is important that you measure the door height taking into account floor covering. It is necessary to do so to make sure that the door will fit into the doorway and won’t crack the floor.

Door Colours

Door color is another important thing to consider when deciding on interior door designs. But most often, designers recommend taking a closer look at the overall interior of the premises since interior doors shouldn’t destroy the integrity of the home environment. In this case, it is easier to focus on the color palette of the hallway.

White Doors

If you choose white interior doors, then no matter how radically the interior will be changed, such doors will always fit it. 


Black Doors

Dark shades are aimed at creating coziness. However, it is necessary to carefully use black interior doors and dark-colored flooring in the room. With an abundance of dark colors, space is visually reduced.


Door Textures

It is important that the door fits in the interior. The door texture shouldn’t create imbalance; it should look smooth and natural. Pay attention to the floor/ furniture color and texture when deciding on the design of the interior door.


Doors as Design Features

Another important nuance is a look of a door and its compliance with the overall interior of a room it is a part of. 


Doors as Dividers

Door constructions can be used to divide space into zones. By installing an interior door, you can make 2 or event 3 “rooms” out of the free space area. Take into account the door opening mechanism to optimize the room area.


Doors with Invisible Frame

This concept gives the door “special” functionality — the frame is no longer visible when the wall is done. In combination with a perfectly finished door, the hidden frame system offers unlimited design options.

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