Doors and Different Interior Design Styles


Thanks to the availability of interior doors in different styles, you can make the interior of any premises look stylish and complete. It is important to choose the best matching doors to achieve a harmonious and stylish composition. Otherwise, you will get an imbalance because the doors are in the most prominent place and always attract attention. So we recommend approaching their selection with special care and responsibility.



The style is characterized by several features:

  • asymmetric floral patterns that are used to decorate the interior doors, platbands, door frames;
  • glass or mirror sections that can be decorated with stained glass, sandblasting drawings, facets;
  • panels of different sizes and shapes, sometimes asymmetric, are used in the manufacture, which makes the door leaf original.

Such doors will complement the interior of a bedroom, living room, or hall perfectly well. 



It is typical for the contemporary style to use natural materials, warm colors, and the style of a rural interior. This makes the interior look simple and cozy. As a rule, contemporary doors are made of a durable and solid wood plate. The fittings are usually quite massive; the handle in bronze shades perfectly complements the style.



Interior doors in the minimalistic style follow the most laconic designs with emphasized geometry. There are no patterns, ornaments, or prints. Instead, minimalist doors come with straight lines and angles in the design. The decor is very restrained.



Industrial doors are suitable for massive monochromatic (most often dark) premises. Their fittings are massive, which makes them look stylish and modern. Decorative aging of the material, forged inserts can be parts of an industrial door.



According to the Scandinavian concept, the main function of the door is to open and close access to the room. Therefore, it is made as inconspicuous as possible and often even uses the same texture as on the walls or floors.



The luxurious colonial-style combines chic and aristocratism. Interior doors made in this style are characterized by bright and vibrant colors, symmetrical shapes and patterns, as well as the use of natural materials.


French Country

These are simple, solid doors with minimal decor and antiquity, usually painted in dark colors. French country interior doors are distinguished by the details of the fittings. These can be bronze hinges or handles.



Basic principles of a rustic style are simplicity, functionality, and environmental friendliness. Interior doors made in a rustic style can be distinguished by the following features:

  • the use of inexpensive materials;
  • simple finishing made from natural materials;
  • common door construction types: pendulum or pocket;
  • the use of forged fittings.


The Bottom Line

Interior doors play an important role; they make the look and feel of the entire premises 100% balanced and complete. You should choose the doors based on the decor and interior of the setting they will be used in. Nowadays, there are many door constructions on the market, so you can easily pick the best-suited option. 

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