Classic Style Interior Doors

An interior door can support any interior design solution, or it can become the main style-forming element in the premises it is a part of. The main distinctive features of the classic style of interior doors are the absence of clutter, unnecessary details, and the careful selection of every element. As a rule, classic style doors are made of wood and have a minimalistic look. This is what makes them fit into any interior and setting.


Classic style interior doors should perform not only a practical but also an aesthetic function. For the door to become a harmonious addition to the interior, you should carefully approach its selection. Let’s take a look at different types of classic style interior doors that are available on the market today.


What Is Classic Style in Interior Design

As a rule, the classic style as a whole is characterized by strict symmetry, correct geometry of the premises, restrained simplicity of forms, and straightforwardness. As a rule, natural materials are used in the decoration (stone, valuable wood species of natural colors); restrained colors prevail (white, light beige, different blue and green shades, etc.).


When it comes to the door constructions, similar rules apply here:

  • strict lines;
  • perfect proportions;
  • the symmetry of all elements;
  • beautiful fittings;
  • create a feeling of lightness and nobility;
  • can be supplemented with attached columns or copestones.


Classic Style Interior Doors

Classic interior doors come in three most popular design options:

  • wooden canvas without additional decorative elements — in this case, the quality of the wood plays a huge role;
  • panel doors — the door construction can consist of two, three, or four compartments;
  • glazed doors (without stained glass) — the most common model is when the glass is located in the upper part of the door, while the lower compartment is made of solid wood. 

Classic style doors are distinguished by the use of natural fittings, strict lines, and harmony of geometric shapes.


Modern-Day Classic Interior Doors

Modern-day classic doors are more laconic and minimalistic compared to the classic door constructions. You will hardly see any panels or rosettes as a part of the door leaf. On the other hand, modern-day classic interior doors allow the use of non-standard design solutions, unusual finishing materials, and can come in bright color shades. The door leaf in a modern style can be made entirely of glass — with or without a frame, often with original decor.


The Bottom Line

Interior doors not only make premises look convenient and cozy but can also become an important decor element. Therefore, it is worth approaching the choice of door leaves with special care and responsibility. We do not recommend saving money on the quality of the door core and fitting. Instead, pick a model that meets your needs and interior setting perfectly well. It is up to you to decide on the design and color of the interior doors.

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