Cash loans – who can apply and what conditions must be met?


Cash loans and borrowings are currently the most popular source of obtaining cash and have successfully replaced borrowing from family and friends who, especially in such uncertain times, are reluctant to carry out such “requests”, and as you know, no one likes to refuse.

Loans have become a popular form of temporarily building up the household budget. It can be taken for any purpose without guarantors, which is undoubtedly its biggest advantage. To get a cash loan, you must make a declaration and fulfill some basic conditions.

The bank will check at the time of financing is our creditworthiness

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This is nothing other than household income, after deducting all living expenses. The remaining amount should be enough not only to repay the loan!

In addition, the person applying for a loan is required to provide the bank with documents on the basis of which the bank is able to verify the identity and determine the creditworthiness (identity document and income certificate). It may also happen that during the examination of an application or after the conditional granting of a loan, banks may require additional documents, e.g. account statements for the last three months. And if two people submit a loan application – each of them must submit a set of documents.

The next step of the bank is to check in the registers of debtors 


If our history is not the best, we can face a negative decision. However, if we receive a positive decision, we only need to indicate the bank account to transfer the funds. If we have other bank or non-bank obligations that we stop dealing with, but there is a chance to get a loan to cover all current liabilities – it is worth doing it. It is better to have one larger loan than several smaller ones .

Our credit advisors have several years of experience in the implementation of loan applications, which is why every day we manage to obtain several hundred thousand financing for dozens of people.


money cash

– from 100,000 PLN up to 360 thousand PLN without property security
– up to 144 installments
– no guarantors
– matched monthly installment
– grace period
– up to 48 hours
– on a bank basis
– APRC from 7.12%

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